French photographer, born and based in Paris. After studying psychology and working in advertising for a decade, I decided to dedicate myself to photography. My first projects focused on communities on wheels (roller derby, old school cyclists, bikers, rodeo car).
Over time, my documentary interest has evolved into topics such as America (A Month in the West, Looking for America), Paris and its outskirt (Color Cube) and arid landscapes (Dryland).

Collective exhibition, Inframe Gallery, Rencontres d'Arles, July 2018
Collective exhibition, Inframe Gallery, Photo Doc, Paris, May 2018
Solo exhibition "Roll Fast" in collaboration with Fast Magazine,  Paris, March 2012

Press & Publication
The Culture Trip, September 2019 (Dryland - Publication)
Ignant, Germany, July 2019 (Dryland - Feature)
Booooooom, Canada, May 2019, (Looking for America - Feature)
Inframe, France, March, 2019 (Dryland - Interview)
Aesthetica Magazine, UK, November 2018 (Feature)
Lamono Magazine, Spain, September, 2018 (Rodeo car Family - Interview - Publication)
Bikepacking, USA, May, 2018 (Dryland - Looking For America - Interview)
Camera Infinita, Portugal, January 2018 (A Month in the West - Online exhibition)
Subjectively Objective, USA, October 2017 (Feature - Publication Volume 43)
Istanbul In Between - Multiples Perspectives #4, Turquey, May 2017 (Interview)
Booooooom, Canada, September 2016 (Feature)
Another Place, Ireland, August 2016 (Color Cube - Feature)
Il Post, Italy, August 2016 (Color Cube - Interview)
Konbini, France,  July 2016 (Color Cube - Interview)
Dazed & Confused, UK, July 2016 (Feature)
Hunger, UK, July 2016 (Feature)
Ignant, Germany, July 2016 (Color Cube - Feature)
L’Oeil de la Photographie, France, July 2016 (Color Cube Feature)
Konbini, France, June, 2016 (Rodeo car Family - Interview)
It’s Nice That, UK, June 2016 (Color Cube - Interview)
Pool Resources, USA, June 2016 (Color Cube - Feature)
Thisispaper, Poland, June 2016 (Color Cube - Feature)
FotoRoom, Spain, June 2016 (Color Cube - Interview)
Vice, USA & Netherlands, June 2016 (Rodeo car Family - Feature)
Fisheye, France, May 2016 (Rodeo car Family - Interview)
Gessato, USA, May 2016 (A Month in the West - Feature)
Fubiz, France, May 2015 (Color Cube - Feature)
Fubiz, France, May 2015 (A Month in the West - Feature)
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JOIA Magazine #24, Chili, August 2012 (Bikers - Interview - Publication)
No Borders Magazine, Italy, September 2011 (L’Eroica - Feature)