RODEO CAR FAMILY (2015-2016)

In May 2015 I went to the northern parts of France. After a week of wandering, I came across a rodeo car ad near the Franco-Belgian border. This Rodeo Car Club is a small club that rejected the constraints and demands associated with the National Federation of Stock Car. Basically, the club refused to give money. So they renamed it "Rodeo Car" for legal issues. This is precisely its interest. This club has little money, remaining small and family-like. What struck me upon my arrival was the freedom that reigned on site. No banners, no bullshit vendors, no security, I was free to walk around and take pictures even closed to the circuit. People seemed to really enjoy themselves. The 80s music and alcohol clearly played a role. What prevailed was fun. On site, the children play around like the adults. Parents let them handle tools freely. They climb onto the cars pretending to be the driver. No parental prohibition, "don’t do this, "watch out, don’t get hurt. Here, winners gain nothing, no money and no trophies. But they do return home with memories