ROLLER GIRLS (2011-2012)

It was during summer 2011 in France that I discover women’s Roller Derby. The visual impact and the mix of genres immediately attracted me. Here the girls are riding on «quad », wearing fishnet stockings, knee protectors and names Tarantino-like: Licence To Wheel, PokaOnTrash, Catmikaze, Patty Bull’R… Roller Derby is a breeding ground for fantasy and imaginary. Each girl inhabits a character reflecting her personality; creating an imaginary space where she may draw the strength to endure pain and be self-assertive. It is also a product of pop culture with multiple references from American movies, rock music and urban culture. It attracts inquiring and original minds and speaks of a generation that wants it all: virile womanhood, vintage modernity, individuality amongst the group and disciplined freedom. In its current version, women Roller Derby is a hybrid creation that reflects our modern age. And yet I cannot help but think of mythology when I look at these girls’ strength, gestures and postures.

In collaboration with FAST magazine.